Oil Cleansing Recipes

Oil Cleansing Recipes

These cleansing oil recipes are just a starting point for those who are interested in customizing their own personal oil blend. For more information on various oils and their properties, please check out our page on nourishing, natural cleansing oils (coming soon).

We are huge fans of essential oils. However, we do not recommend adding essential oils to your cleansing blend. We realize that this goes against much of what is being recommended on the internet today, but essential oils are highly concentrated and frequently misused. They have the potential to cause serious skin irritations such as chemical burns, extreme sun sensitivity, and rashes (just to name a few) if used incorrectly. Especially for those new to oil cleansing, we suggest finding your perfect base oil blend before adding anything else, as keeping it simple initially will help you better understand your skin and the formula you're creating. Some people use essential oils in their blends very successfully and we feel that is wonderful! We still recommend starting off slow, especially if you're trying to find a solution to a skin care condition.  

Oily Skin Cleansing Oil Recipe

30% castor oil
70% high linoleic sunflower oil

Acne Prone Skin Cleansing Oil Recipe

20% castor oil
40% high linoleic sunflower oil
40% grapeseed oil

Normal Skin Cleansing Oil Recipe

20% castor oil
80% high linoleic sunflower oil

Dry Skin Cleansing Oil Recipe

10% castor oil (use less for ultra dry skin)
30% high linoleic sunflower oil
60% avocado oil

Aging Skin Cleansing Oil Recipe

10% castor oil
10% high linoleic sunflower oil
40% evening primrose oil
40% rosehip seed oil

If you'd like to try multiple oils, there are sample packs available such as this one found on Amazon: